If you take 2 steps forward and 1 step backward. You make progress, still you are 1 step forward.

Here we go to express, dissolve and integrate our emotions.

  1. Wound & Memory

When you start focusing on a painful memory. It’s like poking an open wound. If you keep poking…

“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.”

I flew up again,

I have flown and left the world below,

now people are miles away and all the valleys are away…

I never stopped at any scenery,

I never met even myself,

“Wise man speaks because they have something to say”

Now listen to me(me wise girl☺)…

A flashback to last three months, when I joined Amal Academy as a Career-prep fellowship. After joining Amal Career fellowship I learned a lot of new things like Resume writing, Cover letter writing, Pomodoro Technique…

So today I will start writing my blog with one of the best lines I have read from Collen Hoover novel “Confess”

“There are people you meet that you get to know then there are people you meet that you already know” ❤

The first time when I read these…

The helping hands

Problem Statement:

We see millions, begging for their living daily. They have the aptitude for creating their source of income but not the sources giving them money only, isn’t the solution.

حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل نعم المولى ونعم النصير

“Sufficient for us is Allah,and [He is] the best Disposer…

Abdul Sattar Edhi — Angel of Mercy

“I Created not beings of energy (Jinns) and beings of clay (humans) except to serve Me” The Qur’an.


Edhi Foundation is the single best foundation across Pakistan and one of the best social welfare service providers across the world running on non-commercial, non-political, and non-communal basis, serving round-the-clock without any discrimination of color, class, and creed is enjoying exclusive credentials in…

“I wasn’t born deaf but the world taught me”

I wasn’t born deaf
but the world taught me
was to to listen fack and lie
Live life but don’t fly
Direction, sky

Violence pumped through my veins
Black lace folded my eyes
Black cotton covered my ears
The world confined…

The richest poor man:

Abdul Sattar Edhi was born in 1928 in a small village of Bantva near Joona Garh, Gujrat (India). The seeds of compassion for the suffering humanity were sown in his soul by his mother’s infirmity.

He shuns publicity for the fear of becoming haughty. As the…

Why aren’t you?

Some days I wish I could cover the sun with dark clouds.Behind curtains of closed eyes.I sink into eternal gray,into dirty silver that holds not even a whisper of rain,but only ugly charcoal colored skies to light up my world.

Even dreams sigh their last breaths,embracing emptiness,candy,cane trees and lollipop flowers crumbling away,until I’m left stranded in Asphodel,where my feet find ash.Color slips through my fingers,it’s like trying to catch sand.

Sunlight slides off my skin,my face showing dimples and dimples are smiling open heartedly firstly time ever,my heart frozen over still.

Fog seeps its way into my veins,between the bones.I fall to my knees, to beg my limbs, even a shoulder will do.Fatigue buttons me up,weariness my cloak,numbness a crown.

let me ask

The sun is up...so why aren’t you?
The sun is all alone...so why aren’t you?
The sun is shining...so why aren’t you?



Pomordor is Italian for tomato 🍅 .This popular time management method asks you to alternate pomodoros ,focused work sessions ,with frequent short breaks to promote sustained concentration and stave off mental fatigue.

Some may find the rules of this time management technique to bee too rigid. This includes…

Shamla Areeba Ali

seize the day...

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