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We see millions, begging for their living daily. They have the aptitude for creating their source of income but not the sources giving them money only, isn’t the solution.

حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل نعم المولى ونعم النصير

“Sufficient for us is Allah,and [He is] the best Disposer of affairs”

As the name suggests KARSAAZ ; “one who decides the matters/disposal of affairs’ ‘ which we Muslims believe to be one among the beautiful traits of Almighty Allah. We planned to carry out our venture under the name.

Therefore the idea our team came up with for this mega project is to help destitute families and individuals who have this urge to earn a respectful living but as fate has it for them; they don’t have enough resources to start something on their own. However we have decided to step forward for them and pool in, and thrust them the amount they are required for start up. Now that mind sounds like a desperate step and nearly impractical on account of a few reasons i.e. the very first question that pops up in our mind is how are we supposed to know the following family is deserving of aid? Or if there are any eligibility criteria set to get the aid? Well, definitely yes! The answer to this question will also answer a few more questions that were supposed to hit you up later. So, what we have decided is that for the time being we shall limit our area only to the families and individuals that we are certain of them being a deserving family or individual. And as the venture has just started yet we will only reach out to the families or people we know. The second filter we have set for ensuring deservability of the aid receiver is that we have put this condition of providing the 25% of the total amount needed to set their small start up. This will not only ensure their credibility but will also be a signal that the person/family will use the provided aid at the right place. Moreover we will also keep monitoring their business and will help them grow it. We will provide them consultancy where needed and will also share, market and advertise their business/ success stories on social media handles of Karsaaz. To make it more specific and concrete underneath is our business canvas model.

Model canvas

“You never know when a helping hand will change another person’s entire life.
Helping hands are better than Praying Lips.”

Social media posts

Our team has planned to rise funding through writing post on social media i.e. Facebook, Instagram and using our twitter handles to spread the word. We have already leapt over action-plan no.1.

Next we are also reaching out a few organizations to help us with the cause with whatever they have to offer for it i.e. be it voicing the cause, spreading the word or yes, be it funding us.

As we have found our first family for whom we are thriving to pool a sum of around 40,000 so that the bread-earner of the family could buy a motor-rickshaw and could revive monthly cycle for his family, we have made it a compulsion that each member should come with a collection of 7000 before the final week of the mega project.

1. Looking for the party (1st week) Done.

2. Raising funds and creating awareness (next 3 weeks) In process.

3. Initiation of Business (next 2 weeks) Will soon be accomplished.

4. Providing Business Intelligence (next 1 week)

5. Monitoring the business (next 1 week)

6. Measuring the success rate (Last week)

Uncanny connection among Tasks & Amal Principles of Progress:

While working on our mission the Amal principles of progress were very much kept in sight. It was decided in our very first learning group meeting after the mega-project was assigned, that who is going to take care of what responsibilities. To clarify our roles here is the task division with the respective member name who was made in charge of the particular task.
1. Touba Sabeen was assigned to write Blogs.
2. Bushra, and Arousha were assigned social media.
3. Shamla, Nauman and Huziafa were assigned to contact with organisations.
4. Hikmat was assigned to raise funds only because he was a little troublesome managing his university and mega project simultaneously.

And soon as we set off to work the principle of progress KAM KAM KAM put itself on automatic mode. The cause we had chosen to work for had made us experience Khudi in actual sense of words. We already are having this realization that "this is a purposeful life". And we just know the amount of Amal each member is putting into it on the personal as well as on the collective level is not going to go to waste.

Overcoming the challenges among the naysayers inculcated growth not only professionally but also spiritually.

Since it’s the people’s money it created a sense of responsibility to make the money reach the right people and that too timely.

Acceptance of different views and perspectives were experienced during the process

The challenges we have had so far on our way to accomplishing this mission includes; lack of people’s interest in comparison to so many choices of similar nature they can make to give in their money. So definitely there comes this question: why would they choose us?

People were not willing to donate to an unknown or a less reputable source.

Covid had us restricted too in terms of reaching people physically, it’s easier to convince them face to face.

Then people we were reaching out to most of them were already swamped to the point that they were barely making it for themselves. Hence they were not in the position to help us even if they wanted to, owing to bad economic conditions in this corona regime.

Low morale of group members since the amount is a big sum.

Continuous rejections and disappointments also discouraged group members.

1. It evoked in us the passion to serve and work for humanity.

2. Working in a team coming from different backgrounds and perspectives helped us to realize that it doesn’t matter if we belong from different backgrounds and we live far by, all can be done if hearts come together.



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